Asilomar Accords

The Animal Shelter Alliance of Portland is measuring its progress towards ending the euthanasia of social, healthy and treatable cats and dogs by gathering shelter statistics using the Asilomar Accords.

The Asilomar Accords are a set of criteria; guiding principles, standardized definitions,
a statistics table for tracking shelter populations and a formula for determining live release rates in shelters. The purpose of the Accords and the live release rate is to create a uniform system so that shelters and other pertinent parties can obtain a better understanding of lifesaving shelter progress and get a big picture view of progress nationwide.

The name “Asilomar” comes from a place in California where in August of 2004, a
group of animal welfare industry leaders from across the nation came together to discuss issues and create standards focused on reducing the euthanasia of healthy, treatable and adoptable companion animals in the United States.

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