Pet Evaluation Matrix

Pet Evaluation Matrix

A Pet Evaluation Matrix (PEM) is one component of the Asilomar Accords reporting system. It gives more specificity to the Asilomar Accords definitions based on a community standard of care, compares shelter lifesaving to that of pet guardians in the community, and provides more confidence to community stakeholders, enabling everyone to have a better understanding of their shelter/community’s lifesaving progress and compare it to others.

A PEM consists of a list of specific, more commonly seen medical and behavioral conditions that may occur in individual sheltered animals. These conditions may vary depending on the region and shelter. Each shelter animal’s medical and behavioral status is evaluated and they are slotted in one of four Asilomar Accords categories:

  • Healthy
  • Treatable-Rehabilitatable
  • Treatable-Manageable
  • Unhealthy & Untreatable

It is important to note that the category will NOT determine the outcome for a particular animal. You will see in our community statistics that we adopt out animals that would fall under the Unhealthy/Untreatable category.

To view the timeline and process it took to establish ASAP’s Pet Evaluation Matrix with the help of the public, please click HERE.

To view the actual PEM, please click HERE.